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All year — Pluto trine your decan brings intensity, endurance and passion to your Virgo horoscope. An extreme boost to your ego and confidence levels gives you awesome personal power and influence. People will be drawn to your strong presence and charisma. Business, career, and finances should all go well, and you may be handsomely rewarded for seemingly little effort. Those born from September 15 to 20 will feel this transit most strongly during Those born on September 13 and 14 had this transit in the last two years.

Those born on September 21 and 22 may feel the intensity growing but the full impact will come in the next few years.

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Until March 31 — Saturn trine your decan brings patience, determination and a strong sense of duty. This is a year of steady progress, achievement, and recognition. You will work hard on building safe and secure foundations for years to come. You could receive a promotion at work and be given more responsibility.

It gives the determination and perseverance for significant personal and professional achievement and recognition. This is a time for a deliberate, well-considered change. It is a slow, evolutionary process that builds new foundations on which to prosper in the coming years. February 26 to August 11 — Jupiter trine your decan is a time of good fortune, good feelings and well-being.

March 19 to April 30 — Jupiter conjunct Pluto peaking on April 4 makes you focused and driven to succeed at what you are most passionate about. A mix of intense effort and good luck gives you the power and influence to make a big difference in your life. June 2 to July 19 — Jupiter conjunct Pluto climaxing again on June 30 is a prosperous phase of life that can bring business success, wealth, travel, a promotion at work or a better career.

You can also improve the lives of other people. Your generosity will be repaid and you could make new and influential friends. June 21 to December 21 — Saturn trine your decan again should be a good time for buying and selling real estate or renovating your home. Closer bonding with your partner is likely.

If single, a new romance would be based on practical considerations, maybe with someone much older or younger than you. October 14 to December 23 — Jupiter trine your decan sees a return of your lucky streak from earlier in the year. October 28 to November 25 — Jupiter conjunct Pluto climaxing for the final time on November 12 brings personal, material and spiritual growth.

This should be a time of large-scale achievement and success that makes you happy and content well into the future. Your Virgo horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Virgo Decan 3, not to houses, zones or sectors. You know you can do it. The world is a little more emotionally chaotic today than you might prefer.

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Your romantic partner might be especially amorous, or especially irritable -- it could really go either way! The same goes for your friends and coworkers. And no, everyone hasn't lost their minds. Folks are just feeling more passionate today than usual. You can either avoid the hubbub, or get used to the blessedly short-lived dramatics. Emotional needs translate into physical cravings today.

And sating those cravings results in sheer delight! It's a wonderful day to do something either physically or emotionally intense, or both. Get some one-on-one time with your sweetheart or share a long talk with a close friend. Even a vigorous workout feels great today, especially if it's done in or near water.

By the end of the day, you feel cleansed from the inside out. Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, February The Sydney Morning Herald. Aries March April 19 'Forgive and forget' is an important motto to remember today. April May 20 Your connection with your spouse or best friend could get quite emotionally intense today. Gemini May June 21 A lighthearted, surface-level approach to life doesn't really work today. Cancer June July 22 You might feel moody today.

Leo July August Virgo August September 22 Your heart and your mind are working together today. September October 22 You feel a deep attachment today to the people, places and animals that you love.

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Scorpio October 23 — November 22 A new personal cycle begins for you now. Sagittarius November December 20 When it comes to talking about your ideas, feelings and plans, you aren't naturally very discreet. Capricorn December January Aquarius January February 18 The world is a little more emotionally chaotic today than you might prefer. February March 20 Emotional needs translate into physical cravings today. But you'll feel better if you can look at mistakes as being part of the learning process.

Thomas Edison made ten thousand versions of the light bulb before one finally worked! The key to genius is not giving up. The more action you take today, the bigger the hole you are apt to dig for yourself. It could be that you are engaged in one of those situations in which you say one thing and then you are forced to come up with some sort of stretch of the truth or outright lie in order to defend your point.

You are then placed in a very vulnerable position. Try your best to avoid this nasty trap. You might enjoy focusing on your spiritual life.

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The energy of the day could inspire you to do some soul-searching. You might be in search of some inspiration and enlightenment. This is a good time to meditate or pray. Indulge in a meaningful personal ritual. Do something that will help you to connect with the peace and power of your soul.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Set the scene by lighting incense or gazing into a candle flame. You could be analyzing your relationships today, figuring out what motivates people and how you interact with them.

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You could be exploring your relationship with your parents and their influence on your life.