The month of gemini astrology

Avoid wastage of your valuable time on friends and social media platforms else it might result in a downfall. Parents will be looked upon for emotional as well as financial needs. You should spend considerable time with your kids and keep an eye on them. Be set up to support them in all potential ways. Family and Health: Relations at home front will be harmonious thus creating a serene atmosphere.

Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope

You will make an effort in organizing house parties and get together at your place. You will spend quality time with your siblings. Make an attempt to maintain a control on your speed while driving. Abstain from venturing out to hill stations during this month. You may experience knee and back ache. Astro advice for you is to join yoga and adopt healthy eating habits so as to keep up sound health. Try now. Gemini individuals like to save money to secure a financially stable future. They are most likely Gemini boss carries at least two diametrically opposite personalities with him, which he shifts t Gemini is highly imaginative and strikingly curious.

But it is a different kind of imagination, Gemini woman is anything but easy to comprehend. She has a wonderful, vivid personality that is Login Sign Up. It may be that this person plays the geek while they fall for quite physical, heroic types.

A Note from Susan Miller

Or it may be the other way round where the Gemini decan 1is the seducer, who drapes themselves over their partners computer and dramatically throws away their spectacles. Eyes seem to be an issue with the ascendant because this is also the physical body too. Maybe we have to read this symbolically and say that these folk might be quite blind to the faults in their partners? Or have more of vision of other dimensions. We do have one actual physical example, however. Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright with Alcyone rising did actually go blind for a time during his time addicted to crystal meth.

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It certainly seems that having Gemini decan 1 rising does bring an eventful life of high highs and low lows. The position of Mercury as the chart ruler will give more indication of whether the subject is more heroic and militant Perseus.

This decan has a wide variety of expressions due to the many stars here, but what seems to link them all is having a persuasive charisma, even if some of them are quite arrogant with it. With relationships, it looks like there is either utter devotion to one person or great promiscuity with many. Sometimes there is both together in one life when one starts off quite free and lusty with their affections in the Alcyone fashion, but then settles down and marries for life.

With Gemini decan 2.

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This wild and roller-coaster energy really needs channeling into a cause, for the greater good or into artistic projects. BS Srinivasan Leave a comment. Gemini November horoscope shows that you will be more emphasis on others than yourself. This is not the time for your self-interests and investment. The Gemini sun sign has to adjust to people and situations. This involvement with people will increase your social skills.

According to the Gemini horoscope , success will only come your way with the help of the important people in your life. Thinking of doing anything alone this month will not help your case hence the reliance on other people. The Gemini personality will be a witness to the great things he or she will achieve with the help of others.

Gemini Rising

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. According to the November astrology , there will be numerous relationship opportunities for you this month. You will be confused as to the proper choice of a partner or spouse, but at the end, it will all work out. Based on the Gemini sexual compatibility, you will find love in social places and gatherings.

Gemini pregnancy at this time will be difficult to achieve since you will not have settled completely.