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All is well in your love life.


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Taurus Horoscope - Love, Health , Money & Career

Conflicts in the family are not foreseen, the home atmosphere will be relaxed and enjoyable. Find the time to consider the excuses you owe to people on whom your happiness depends. Trips will be successful if you are not behind the wheel, use them to avoid problems.

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Planetary configuration brings a lot of good ideas and you may have some wonderful ideas for plans. You may become aware that something has to change in your life. Be restrained and cool when your interests are involved.


Compliment your horoscope with the Advice of Archangel Michael. This is not an ideal pairing, but it does have some positive aspects. Both signs avoid conflicts whenever possible, and will strive to please the other.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

However, Libras can be extremely social while Taureans prefer the comforts of home. A compromise must be reached for love to flourish. Here's a fiery match if ever there was one. Taurus and Scorpio can both be very possessive, so jealousy and fireworks are bound to ensue at one time or another.

However, these lover's quarrels usually work themselves out because both signs are extremely devoted to their lovers.

This relationship is filled with compliments and conflicts. Sagittarians are party goers, while Taureans are definitely homebodies. Compromise is the name of the game here. If Taurus can give the Archer enough space to breath, and if the Archer can offer Taurus plenty of one-on-one time and avoid flirting with others, these two signs can balance each other.

Your Taurus Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

This is a highly compatible pairing. Both signs are very grounded and keep their heads out of the clouds.

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  6. They share a love of home and family, and prefer to live in an atmosphere of mutual respect. They have to try a little harder to avoid getting stuck in a rut, but this is a spectacular pairing under most circumstances. This pairing has its challenges.