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It also does not come if they do not lead through personal example. Once they do this they can become substantially rich. They start early in life mainly because they mature very fast. The last two illness can be avoided through proper intake of food. Number 3 persons have a tendency to consume foods containing fats, especially as they advance in years.

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These must be avoided. The fortunate dates for number 3 persons are 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month, but moreso, if they fall between 19th February and 27th March and 21st November and 27th December. Number 3 person must endeavour to carryout their important plans on this date.

They must avoid doing work on the 1st, 7th, 10th, 16th, 19th, 27th and 28th of any month.

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The lucky jewel for the number 3 persons is yellow topaz. His lucky stone is amethyst. He should wear a yellow topaz in:. Number Three. Numerology in English. Number Three - 3. Date of Birth:. Whom does it Govern? Ruling planet: The number 3 stands in symbolism for the planet Jupiter.

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Book Your Appointment. These precautions are: They must not be overly extravagant in matters of spending money. They are bound to create imbalance in their budget. Jealousy would cause enormous losses to them. They must remember that jealousy befits no one; not even a number 3 woman. They must make prudent investments, about twenty five percent of their earning in fixed deposits for their old age.

The earlier they start the better it would be for them. They must avoid company of low and uncouth people. They are bound to be robbed off their piety and peace of mind in such company. They must be in a hurry either to be rich or to be a scholar.

Number Three | Mian Naeem

These are no short cuts to either. Only sustained creative endeavour can bring desired results. Financial Condition. Health Guide. Health Hazards: The main problems regarding their health are: Overstrain of the nervous system due to overwork. Skin troubles. Heart-trouble in old age. Healthy herbs: The main herbs of a number 3 person are beet root, cherries, strawberries, apples, mulberries, peaches, olives, pomegranates, pineapples, grapes, wheat, mint, cloves, saffron, figs, almonds and nutmegs. Unhealthy months and years: The number 3 person will find notable changes in their 12th, 21st, 39th, 48th and 57th year.

He must guard against ill-health due to overwork in the months of December, February, June and September. Lucky Items. Lucky marriage partner: The number 3 person is most suited to marry a person who: Has 3, 6 or 9 as his root number, which means 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th and 30th of any month. Moreso, if they are born between 19th February and 27th March and between 21st November and 27th December. Lucky Jobs: Number 3 persons are eminently suitable for certain jobs.

These are mostly an outcome of their desire to reach the very top and be in total control. The jobs that are most suited to them are: Politics. Public offices involving statesmanship. Armed forces. Lucky choice of friends: The number 3 person is very friendly with a person who: Has 3, 6 or 9 as his root number, which means who born on 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th and 30th of any month.

Moreso, if the person is born between 19th February and 27th March and between 21st November and 27th December. Partnership with any person having the above root number and born between the above period would be particularly beneficial and healthy.

Number Three

Lucky dates and days: The fortunate dates for number 3 persons are 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month, but moreso, if they fall between 19th February and 27th March and 21st November and 27th December. Thursdays, on which days good news, especially about relatives can be expected. Gains from wife and in-laws and from official work are also possible. Fridays would provide luxury and joy, when new clothes would be bought and love would flourish.

Saturdays would provide financial gains and improvements of prospects. Lucky Colours: The lucky colours for the number 2 persons are: Mauve. Blue and Crimson, but primarily as secondary colours. If you were born on December 15, , your Life Path Number is 3. It may seem daunting at first, but once you see it all written out this way, it becomes far less intimidating, no? As mentioned above, the only time you would not reduce the final number is if you attain 11 or These are considered Master Numbers and connote a more intensified version of their root numbers 2 and 4, respectively.

Master Numbers suggest a high degree for learning, achievement, or success, but likely in a more stressful or high-pressure environment. Rather than simplify this to a single digit yielding 4 , the number 22 reflects the Master Number — the higher-octane iteration of 4, revealing McCartney's strong "life mission. You can also use numerology to derive the root number of names or words — this is where our ancient buddy Pythagoras lends a hand.

According to his theories, certain letters have specific numerical values, which are as follows:. To find your Destiny Number, calculate the root number of your full name first, middle, last by reducing each name to a single digit, and adding up the total. Whereas your Life Path reveals your greater purpose, your Destiny Number offers insight as to how you will express your greater goals.

So, as a Life Path 8 person, my mission is to cultivate abundance, and I will express this through my Destiny Number 7: analysis, research, and critical observation. Sounds about right. Just as Aries, the first sign of the zodiac , is about action and initiation, in numerology, 1 is linked to forward motion. On a bad day, 1 can be be a bit bossy or boastful, hiding any insecurities behind an over-developed self-importance. Even the most autonomous 1s need the support of their friends, family, and lovers.

Within numerology, the 2 vibration assumes the role of the mediator, creating harmony by bringing together dissonant forces through compassion, empathy, and kindness. Because 2 is so sensitive, it is very conflict averse, and can end up feeling under-appreciated or unacknowledged. Communication is paramount for 3. Symbolically, 3 represents the output of two joined forces: It is the essence of creation. Your work inspires, motivates, and uplifts others, and 3 finds great joy making others smile.

However, 3 is also known to be quite moody, and if 3 feels misunderstood, may withdraw entirely. In numerology, 4 has an earthy-energy and is centered around fortifying its roots.

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Practical, hardworking, and responsible, the 4 vibration is focused on creating logical systems that can support scalable growth. There is a solidity to 4, however, that can quickly devolve into rigidity; 4 must remember that rules are meant to enhance, not inhibit. Free-thinking, adventurous, and progressive, 5 is defined by freedom.

Akin to Sagittarius energy within astrology, 5 is known for its playful, impuslive, and vivacious spirit. But on the other side of its signature joie de vivre , 5 can become restless and impatient. A true healer, 6 has the ability to problem solve in both the emotional and physical realms, helping others through its straightforward, yet gentle, approach.

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  • This number also can easily communicate with children and animals, displaying a soft tenderness and caretaker spirit. To avoid carrying the world on its shoulders, 6 must learn to build trust and understanding for others: Simply put, everyone must follow their own unique path. The detectives of numerology, 7 is known for its investigative abilities and analytical skills.

    The Basics of Numerology: How to Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers

    Astrologically, the number 7 can be thought of as a blend of Virgo and Scorpio energy: 7 is extremely detail-oriented, but is driven by inner-wisdom as oppossed to tangible realities. Because it can quickly find the flaws in almost any system, 7 is a bit of a perfectionist. Within numerology, this number is linked to material wealth and financial success. Ambitious and goal-oriented, 8 can effortlessly assume leadership positions through its natural magnetism.

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    But with great power comes great responsibility: 8 breeds workaholics, and on a bad day, can become excessively controlling and possessive. However, its negative qualities can be lessen by giving back to the community. By using is success to help others, 8 realizes that there is nothing more valuable than contributing to the greater good. As the final single digit within numerology, 9 connotes an old soul.

    Accordingly, 9 can effortlessly synthesize large quantities of stimuli, psychically connecting the dots to form a cohesive whole. The mission for 9 is to reach its highest state of consciousness, and to help others also achieve this spiritual awareness. Since 9, in many ways, has transcended the physical plane, it must constantly remember to anchor itself.

    Master Number 11 revs up the energy of Number 2; its purpose is to heal self and other through its elevated psychic abilities. Often times, Master Number 11's intuitive gifts are a result of extreme life circumstances: Master Number 11 has no choice but to cultivate extrasensory talents. In numerology, Master Number 11 is connected to spiritual enlightenment, awareness, and philosophical balance.