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The Astrology of Your Wedding Day

Marriage life will be the reason of your happiness. Some difficulties may lead to disappointment and frustration, though you can avoid such a situation with patience and a calm approach. Spend time with your partner and make them feel loved. Your marriage horoscope suggests maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life is going to be fruitful for your married life in The Pisces horoscope indicates possible arguments and clashes with your spouse this year.

However, if you carefully put your ego aside, matters would resolve easily. Thus, respect each other and keep a soft speech. Listen to your partner patiently and handle such situations diplomatically.

Avoid dragging your ego in petty issues and focus on making your relationship better and stronger. Your marriage horoscope depicts if care is taken, can be a truly blissful time for your marriage life, with very little left to ask for. Along with an increased harmony, this period also shows a rise in your spiritual energy as well as a connection with your inner self. Peace of mind will prevail. Yet certain periods stand out from the rest and should be handled carefully:.

What Your Wedding Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Future Together

Spend quality time together and show your appreciation towards them often. Try to maintain a cordial bond at all times. This time demands a calm and soft-spoken approach. Keep your anger and ego in control, Pisces. The marriage horoscope indicates that marriages fixed during these months would have good longevity. You may plan a meeting of your love interest with your parents during this time.

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Matters seem to proceed favorably for love as well as arranged marriages. After August: The absence of inauspicious planets in your marriage house of your Pisces marriage horoscope indicates a good possibility to get married in for the ones who are eligible or seeking marriage. There is a good chance that you will meet a suitable partner after August In the Pisces marriage horoscope , the position of marriage coincides with the business partnership position.

This means that while searching for a business partner, you may come across your potential partner. The year is one of caution for you. Work towards keeping your established relationship in a positive frame, and work on finding the right balance between you and your SO. A little bit of compromise will go a long way. The year is very good for a relationship for you.


The second half of the first quarter of the year will see you get closer and build a stronger bond with your SO. Those who are single will find the perfect match for themselves this year.

'When will I get married?'

Love, trust and affection will take an intense turn this year, and your relationship will become more intimate, mentally and physically. Being calm will be the key for Leos to build a constructive relationship with a better understanding of each other. Looking for your dream partner?

It could lead to tying the knot also this year. The first quarter of the year is not the time though to get hitched. Post that, any time is beneficial. The second and third quarter is paved with obstacles for those already in a relationship, so tread carefully, avoid arguments and work towards keeping any negativity away from the relationship. If you have wanted to express your love to someone, this is a good time and the chances are very high for it to get reciprocated!

This is the year of confessing your love. It is also the year to take your relationship to the next level.

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The search for your perfect match will come to an end this year, as you will find the one. There might be trying times for those in a relationship, but you need to stay strong and work on resolving the issues. This year will also be the one to spend quality time with your SO. The single Scorpios will see themselves in a relationship this year.

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The ones who are engaged will get to take the relationship to the next level and tie the knot. The married Scorpios will have a peaceful and pleasant married life, and the love and warmth in the relationship will increase. Do so this year. The year is favourable for relationships, so make the most of it. Communicate well with your partner and resolve any arguments or differences. The first quarter of the year is very favourable for Sagittarians when it comes to relationships. The second and third quarter will see some obstacles in relationships, but your determination will help you overcome them.

The search for the perfect match will also prove to be fruitful this year. Just keep in mind to do your research on the potential to-be before starting the relationship. Tying the knot this year will be beneficial for you, and you will have a blissful, harmonious married life. Strong commitment will be the theme for the year.

Marriage Horoscope 12222

Keep in mind though to not let your possessiveness come in the way of your happy relationship. Romance is in the air this year for you. Your marital and love life will thrive this year. The first quarter of the year especially will be joyous for a newly married couple and will get you and your partner to come closer.